Karianne Bueno

12I am a storyteller, using both photographs and words. My work focusses on our ambivalent relationship with (wild) nature; always balancing fact and fiction, and the universal and the private. I am very much drawn 
o a life outside society but at the same time loneliness is the thing that most frightens me. I work slowly and use my time to delve into my subjects, read and write about them, and their theoretical ‘entourage’ – their specific past, the way time manifests itself in their off-grid realities, or what it actually feels like to live that other life. I thoroughly edit my photographs into multi-layered stories. The projects usually end up becoming photo books. The book is a medium that recalls a form of quiet intimacy that I find should be a part of the work. My most recent publication, Doug’s Cabin, was published in March 2019 by The Eriskay Connection.

I am currently working on another long-term project about my cousin, who is a part time shepherd and horse whisperer to-be. She lives in a bus.