Goleb: NUB, Session Three


  • Screening from ‘Film As Subversive Art’ book by Amos Vogel
  • Re-approaching film screening and performance

Re-program and perform by Ehsan Fardjadniya and Mirko Lazović.
Sunday, 8th March 2015, 7pm at Project Goleb (doors open from 18.30)
Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125, 1063 BJ, Amsterdam.


• Reading segments of first chapter of ‘Film As Subversive Art’ book: ‘Weapons of Subversion: The Subversion As A Form’
• Spontaneously and together with the public, we research and screen few films from the authors mentioned in the book
(See the options below).
• Exchange films, drink, eat and talk. Bring your film hard-drive.
• Screening films by Ehsan, Mirko and members of the public.

Option of films will be: 

– Focusing on Jon Jost (American independent filmmaker 1943): Watching his short films such as: City (1964), Canyon (1970), Reading part of his text:’Becoming a non-person’ (2015), watching feature film Parable (2008).

Jacques Baratier: We like to show his film Disorder (Desordre), france from 1955 but can not find it. Please let us know if you have it. Instead we are considering to show Piège (1968)

Chris Marker options such as:
Immemory (2008),
Pictures at an Exhibition, (2008),
Theorie des Ensembles, (1991),
Prime Time In The Camps, (1993),
Trois Video Haikus (Three Video Haikus, 1994),
Si J’avais Quatre Dromadaires (If I Had Four Dromedaries,1966)

In the English language Nub is the “point” or the core of an issue or discourse. It can also be a  “a small lump or protuberance”, often referred to the remaining part of the limb of an amputee. Our project starts from the question that whoever approaches film as a form of art asks himself: what is cinema?

Since 1895 many theoreticians and filmmakers have asked themselves the same question, and answers have been differentiated, probably more than in any other ontological debate about  expressive languages. Nevertheless, today we seem to passively accept the idea that film is what is projected before us on screens, of different sizes, in private and collective contexts. We believe that in the history of cinema there have been isolated, bold attempts perpetrated by small, sometimes poor or non-professional groups of people, to subvert the prevailing idea of what film was supposed to be, to oppose the ruling academism and kitsch.

Avant-garde and experimental filmmakers, authors of the so-called new waves from all over the world, and even directors from the classic period of film, have questioned the rules and tried to redefine what the essence, or the “nub” of film was.

Rummaging through the ruins of an art considered already “dead” by many, we try to evoke that phantom.
We invite you to perform a “bioscopy” of cinema with us,

Join us at Goleb!